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Potential Cost Savings Using Moveco

Don't rent that Truck and do the hard labor yourself!
We cost about the same as renting a truck and you don't have to do the work!
We are very affordable and we have professional movers.

Not using us and renting a truck, you could end up paying for:
1) Truck Rental Fee - 24 foot size (standard rate $79.99 plus tax)
2) Gas for the Truck (+&75.00 in gas or more)
3) Insurance coverage (+$45.00 Comp and Collision coverage)
4) Mileage @ .79 cents a mile (your cost at about 80 miles avg - local move +$63.20)
5) Lots of pads ($12.00 per dozen, typical move uses about 5 dozen, +$60.00)
6) Equipment - Dollies (+$25.00 rental fee)
7) Help (food, drinks and favors +$50.00 - maybe more with the favors to each helper)
8) What if someone hurts their back? Are you covered?

Grand total for doing it yourself? $398.19 plus tax!

Surprised? Just think...using us could cost less than this!

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